October Update

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Thank you to all our amazing backers and newcomers to the RPG for coming over and saying ‘Hi’ during the Frontier Expo 2017. It was amazing to see and hear the reaction of so many Elite Dangerous Commanders as to the physical Core Manual and the game in general.
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As I am sure many of you are aware, PledgeManager (a third party KickStarter back office company) stopped responding to any of our emails or requests a few weeks before the book launch. Whether this small company just got busy or it is in fact more serious than that, we had backers wanting their PDF copies of the Core Manual and suddenly no way of getting this PDF to them. What should have happened is the download should have seamlessly just appeared as a downloadable product in your PledgeManager account.
As this didn’t happen we had to think of a quick way of getting people their PDF whilst also working out how we were going to move forward to the book fulfilment stage without any response from PledgeManager.
The initial work around was to place a small add-on in our old website that allowed people to ‘buy’ the PDF and then apply a code ‘backersws100’ to get a 100% discount and therefore the download for free.
This was only temporary as we realised that in order to be able to fulfil our physical orders we needed to find a replacement for the non-responsive PledgeManager. Do we move over to another provider and remain at the mercy of another third party or do we bring everything in house? Well as you can see we went for the latter.
As we couldn’t download a csv with all the information we needed from PledgeManager we had to revert to the old fashion two people, two computers and shouting across a room technique.
The positive from all of this is that we are almost done.
Just to confirm, the code ‘backersws100’ does not work for the new site anymore
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You should have already received an invite to the new edrpg website as we have migrated across all the email details from every backer and customer including those people who downloaded the original playtest adventure ‘The Worst Intentions’.
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Prior to this migration, if you had completed the PledgeManager process, chosen T-Shirt sizes and dice colours (if applicable), given us a postal address and paid for postage then you should have your entire pledge reflected in your new edrpg account. You should also have access to the download of the Core Book PDF if your pledge level allowed for this.
As you buy more items or download all the amazing free stuff we have on the site, these will also appear in your new edrpg account.
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Some people have not completed the process through PledgeManager and have still got small items outstanding. As this group can’t be dealt with in a single upload of a csv file, into the new site, they are being inputted manually. Sorry but this is taking time.
We are currently speaking to a programmer who is a bit of a ninja on WordPress add-ins and Kickstarter and we will get this fixed as soon as possible.
If you login to your account and see no items showing on your account then it is very likely that you are amongst this group but please do not worry. We have not lost your order it is just that it has not been uploaded yet.
Once the info has been uploaded we will contact each of you to specify what it is we are missing and will give you a chance to make those final decisions and payments.
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For those who are waiting for more than just the core book as a physical delivery we will be putting a new product up on the website which will allow you to split your postage between getting the sore book now and the remainder of your pledge early next year.
In fine… you can get your core book sent to you sometime next week, at the latest, if you are due just the core book or if you chose to split the postage.
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So far everything that we have chosen to do is not the easiest fix but it is a permanent one and allows us to wrestle control for the fulfilment of pledges from all third parties, giving us complete control.
Thank you for your patience on this, we are working as fast as we can to get the fulfilments out as quickly as we can.