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What's in the Books

EDRPG is not just the Core Book and we are currently in the production phase of the four supplements. Here’s some more information on what you can expect from each EDRPG Title.
The Core Book
The EDRPG Rule Book
The main rule books contains, amongst other things; Dozens of different character backgrounds, including Police Officer, Docking Bay Operative, Mercenary or Hoopy Casino Croupier. Karma Capabilities that turn your character into an action hero when it counts the most. Have your best friend, business partner, love interest or snot nosed nephew fight by your side with the in-game Partner mechanic.
Start with your own ship. No one has to be a co-pilot unless they want to. Space, Vehicle and Personal Combat rules are all included along with hundreds of bits of equipment including rare weapons, armour, clothes, cosmetics, combat stims and much more.
Modify your spacecraft with the same flexibility and detail of the computer game. Drive in style in Scarab SRV’s, Gangland Battle Cars or the dreaded Federal Ram Raider. Have a life outside of the current adventure by earning money as a Trader, Bounty Hunter, Miner or Explorer using the between adventures rules.
You can employ crew for your spacecraft and generate their abilities, personalities and names randomly as well as encounter dozens of opponents from pirate space craft, sword wielding assassins, genetically engineered bio mods, implacable drones and fierce indigenous alien animals – don’t let your SRV get knocked over by an armour plated Golunk.
You will also be able to generate entire star systems, including multiple star systems and their civilised inhabitants. And if you are lacking inspiration. Generate military, espionage and exploration missions randomly, including devious plot twists that will cause havoc and challenge your players.
Military Sourcebook
You’re in the Army Now, Soldier!
Begin your training in the Armies and Navies of the great galactic powers. Earn ranks to unlock powerful military spaceships. Use devastating new heavy weapons and military vehicles to accomplish your objectives. Generate new missions and enemy bases using the new modules for the Random Generation Systems (RGS). With the Military Supplement the entire might of the Empire and Federation are behind you.
In this supplement you will find details on honorary ranks or the Empire and Federation, stats for the Federal Assault Ship, Corvette, Dropship, Gunship as well as the Imperial Clipper, Courier, Cutter and Eagle. There are also new backgrounds for character creation, new weapons with quite a kick, new NPC’s, details for generating military bases as well as instructions on how to create a solo campaign.
Espionage Sourcebook
It’s a dirty galaxy and no one likes to play by the rules
As a spy you will find yourself working for shadowy government organisations, corporate sabotage teams or bloodthirsty freedom fighters.  Be prepared to engage in hacking, stealth, thievery, investigation, assassination, uncovering plots, preventing atrocities and spreading scandalous rumours.  All for the public good, of course…
In this supplement you will find details on the Engineers – those skilled mechanics with enough technical savvy to give every aspect of your ship that special modification…for a price. You will also find stats for the Mamba MkII, Merlin, Mongose, and Viper Mk IV, as well as new backgrounds for character creation, amazing new equipment and weapons, new NPC’s and a corporate base generator.
Supertraders Sourcebook
They said it was going to be a simple job. 
Just shift 40 tons of superconductors to Curtis Outpost in Ross 1057.  What could go wrong?  Except for stopping to rescue orphans from a burning ship, being held up by anti-corporate freedom fighters, discovering a banned alien animal amongst the cargo pods, repairing your sparking Frame Shift Drive, discovering that your cargo is actually a narcotics shipment and fighting off a corrupt police force.  Anyway you made it.  Is now a good time to tell you that your buyer is dead and that the station has been set to explode?  Who’d be a trucker?
In this supplement there is a detailed layout of the advance trading system and commodities list. You will also find stats for the Boa MkIII, Cobra MKIV, Keelback, as well as the three ship launched fighters – F63 Condor, GU-97 Fighter and the Taipan. On top of this you will also get new equipment, character backgrounds, and NPC stats as well as an expansion of the RGS mission generator in the Core Book.
Exploration Sourcebook
Find your destiny amongst the stars. 
In the cold depths of space mysteries are being uncovered.  Ancient ruins, undisturbed for thousands of years, lie hidden on distant moons.  Strange artefacts transmit signals into deep space, but who is listening across the far reaches of the galaxy?  On worlds closer to home human settlers, long isolated from the galactic core, have degenerated into primitives.  Unable to access modern medicine weird mutagens and alien wildlife have wrought terrible changes upon some survivors making them something less than human.  If you can brave the infinite dark amazing treasures await, including artefacts that no human hand can make, and secrets corporations would pay a fortune for … or kill to remain secret.
Ships and other entries to be decided… watch this space.