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2018 Update 1 – Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
Yes, it is a month since that actually happened but here’s hoping everyone has got through the January that many dread. In this update we will bring you news the production schedule for the supplements and show you a little of what we have been up to. Also we will be giving out a few dates of when and where you can come and see us in action. Sadly this does not yet mean a trip across the pond but we are still living in hope.
Supplements Progress

As some of you would have picked up from our live streams at the end of last year with Frontier, we have had to slip production to end of Feb for the supplements.  The main reason is that we have added more to each book than we had originally planned and so each one is taking longer than we had originally hoped. We apologise for this delay but hope the extra few weeks will be worth the wait. To make up for the delay we will be releasing each supplement PDF’s as and when they are ready and not holding them until the physical release.
Military is our first supplement and is all but complete. It is currently with our editor for her final check. Once we get the thumbs up we can package this up and release it on the website. For all those who have the supplements as part of their pledges should see these appear in their edrpg account. We will release an further update to let everyone know when this happens.
To keep up to date with the latest goings on then you can follow us on Facebook on the official EDRPG page, you can also follow us on twitter and the EDRPG discord channel set up by our amazing community.
Kickstarter Updates
We have stopped publishing separate updates on Kickstarter because of the 30 minute edit time you have once you have posted you message. Once you realise you have a broken link or something similar it is too late to change it and you are locked out from editing it. We will post all new updates here and a link on the KS page.
Resources Page
Don’t forget that there are form fillable character sheets as well as maps, story hooks and much more over on the resources page of this site.
UK Games Expo and LaveCon 2018

If you too, want to come and meet Oliver and play a sample game with the design team, then this year we will are planning to be at a number of UK Based conventions. So far we are looking at booking our place at UK Games Expo and LaveCon.
UK Games Expo is at the NEC in Birmingham on 1st – 3rd June and LaveCon is the weekend afterwards at the Sedgebrook Hall Hotel, Northants, UK on 8th – 10th June. We are currently looking for further venues and will update you on any future dates.
That’s all for this update but we will be back when we have a fixed release date for the Military Supplement.
Thanks for reading,
Jon & Oliver
Spidermind Games