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Military Supplement is here! (and other news)

The EDRPG Military Supplement is here!
Many thanks to everyone for their patience whilst we have been working on the supplements. We are delighted to announce that the Military Supplement has been released in PDF and is available to download from your account. We will be sending them off to the printers once the other three have been completed.
The Other Supplements
We are also pleased to announce that the other supplements are not far from completion and we expect to be releasing the next in the series very soon. First to arrive will be Espionage which is in its final edit, followed by Super Traders and then finally Exploration. Each release will be announced, as this one has been, through the Kickstarter Page, also our EDRPG Twitter and Facebook pages and here on the blog.
In Espionage you can expect details on engineering , new ships in the Mamba MkII, Merlin and Mongoose (an Alliance Military pre cursor to the Chieftain), new equipment such as the personal shield generator and much more.
Super Traders sees the arrival of the Boa Class Freighter, ship launched fighters as well as Advance Trading mechanics and all alongside a sprinkling of new equipment, opponents and backgrounds.
Delivery Dates for Physical Copies
For all our backers and those who have purchased the game on pre-order we can confirm that we are working towards a delivery date for all the PDFs in March and the physical copies as soon after this as the printers schedule allows. The task that we have is to produce the four PDF’s alongside the GM’s screen and collectors sleeve for all 5 books. We are also collating the art folio that accompanies the Collectors Edition of the core book.
As soon as we know exactly when the books are being printed and are expected to arrive in our UK warehouse we will let you know and also, working with our distribution partners we should also be able to give you an approximate date for when the shipments begin.
Other News

EDRPG Ambassadors
We have very recently begun a search for a handful of goodwill ambassadors for EDRPG. We recently put up a request on the unofficial EDRPG Discord Channel. We have already received a number of interests from the UK and Europe but we have extended our search to across the pond. If you are in North America and you love attending RPG conventions then this may well be something that will interest you. To get in touch and to learn more either visit the discord channel or send us an email and we will send you over a little brief as to what is involved.
Cmdr Arithon
Many of you will be familiar with the work of Anthony Hunt aka Cmdr Arithon. Not only do his amazing blueprints feature in EDRPG but he has been involved in a great deal else.
Creator of the Elite: Dangerous Blog, Cmdr Arithon has been busy creating a ship and equipment codex for Elite Dangerous. Anyone who has been following his twitter channel will have seen some sneak previews, which are impressive. Do pop over and subscribe to his Elite: Dangerous blog for future updates.
The Unofficial Elite Dangerous RPG Resources Wiki
I know that this excellent resource page has appeared in past updates but it is sooooo good it is worth mentioning again.
A huge thank you to Cmdr The Architect Bloke for all his work on this site and for filling it full of some amazing resources for the RPG. You can download an Automated Character Sheet created by the hugely talented Olivia Vespera @OliviaVespera, read some immersive stories, download stats on everything from Vehicles, Ships and Weapons and so much besides. Do give it a look and same the link in your favourites, you will love it!
Other Resources and Links
Here is a comprehensive list of links to EDRPG resources and news pages.
Unofficial discord channel:
EDRPG Facebook:
EDRPG Twitter:
Spidermind Facebook:
Spidermind Twitter:
Unofficial EDRPG Facebook page:
Resources Wiki:
Split Postage
As we are now getting very close to our fulfilment date, we have withdrawn the split postage offer. Now all fulfilment will be done when the printers have delivered all four supplements.
That’s all folks.
As we are expecting to be releasing the next supplement soon, keep an eye out for the next of these posts.
In the meantime many thanks to all of you for sharing in our passion.
Jon & Oliver
Spidermind Games