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Espionage Supplement Out Now!

We are delighted to announce that the second in the EDRPG Supplement series, Espionage, has been completed and released as a PDF.
Due to the slow release of the Military Supplement, which took several hours, we have invested in new software that should stop this from happening and we hope you enjoy this new addition to the EDRPG stable.
If you are experiencing any problems, for a swift response please email
Coming up next
The next in the series is what many believe is the life blood of the galaxy, Super Traders. As Li Yong-Rui, director of Sirius Corp, once said ‘No Planet is an Island’.  Don’t forget each release will be announced, as this one has been, through the Kickstarter Page, also our EDRPG Twitter and Facebook pages and here on the blog.
In Super Traders you can expect details on Advance Trading Mechanics, new ships in the Boa MkIII, Cobra MkIV, Keelback as well as stats on each of the ship launched fighters, The Federations F63 Condor, the Imperial GU-97 Fighter and the Core Dynamics Taipan. There is also the usual array of new equipment and backgrounds such as the Disgraced Banker, Labour Slave and Pit Fighter. Bags of new stuff to get your teeth into, which I think is allowed in pit fighting!
The final supplement, Exploration, sees the arrival of the Asp Scout, the Diamondback Explorer and the Imperial Explorer as well as alien animals and the sinister Relic AI.
So How Do I Get a Game?
From as far back as the FDev Expo 2017, we have been approached by Commanders and RPG fans alike, loving the game but complaining of having no one to share the adventures with. One person has come up with an ingenious way of combating this often experienced problem. Colin Ford, known to many in the Elite community as Cmdr phoenix_dfire Lave Radio and Top Shift host, has been inventin’….
Wings, Trades, RPGs and Bounties (EDWTRB) is explained in Colin’s own words:
‘For all the fantastic content that is in Elite: Dangerous; there is no in game functionality to help with finding wings, help with player to player trade, looking for RPG groups and setting bounties on other players. The purpose of this site is to provide players with this functionality until Frontier develop their own in-game systems for Elite: Dangerous.
For those EDRPG fans who have not yet been able to get hold of enough people to form a group or who would like to jump into an adventure run by other GM’s do go and visit the site, and a huge thanks to Colin for all his hard work.
Roll 20

One of the ways in which you can enjoy EDRPG in all its glory is by using the free online resource Roll 20. This site has been specifically designed to allow players of pen and paper roll playing games to transfer their games over to an online platform.

To demonstrate the flexibility of this system and the amazing visual effects that can be created look no further that the first episode of Xebon Syndicate – An Elite Dangerous RPG Tale – Prologue, run by the team @XebonTV Channel. And if that isn’t enough then there is the ongoing madness and amazingness of the Wolves of Jonai EDRPG adventures, led by their extremely capable GM Dan Rowlands. You can find the Wolves of Jonai over on their YouTube channel
EDRPG Ambassadors

And talking of the eminently gifted Dan Rowlands (CMDR “Jackal” Kreiss), we would like to welcome him and a team of equally talented EDRPGers as they join the Spidermind Team as our premier EDRPG Ambassadors. Representing EDRPG in the UK and joining Dan is the creator of the Unofficial EDRPG Facebook page and the invaluable EDRPG resources wiki, Steven Swaby (Cmdr The Architect Bloke) and completing the team is a very familiar name within the ED community and a stalwart of many a Frontier live stream, Alison Goodman (Cmdr Wishblend).
Helping us out with the German speaking contingent of the EDRPG community is Andreas Schmitz (Cmdr Dana) a familiar name on the ED forums and a mod for the hugely popular German language Twitch Channel Herr Dekay.
And last but definitely not least we welcome Will Pearce (Cmdr Tacroy) a formidable RPGer and ED fan from the Midwestern State of Ohio, USA. Will is not only helping fly the flag over the pond but he is also helping establish contact with a number of US based RPG podcasts and streamers.
We would like to welcome all these fantastic people to the Spidermind team and thank them very much for agreeing to take on the role.
That’s all folks.
As we are expecting to be releasing the next supplement soon, keep an eye out for the next of these posts.
In the meantime many thanks to all of you for all your enthusiasm.
Jon & Oliver
Spidermind Games