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Super Traders Supplement Out Now!

We are delighted to announce the release of the third supplement in the four part series, this time it is the turn of the galactic truckers.
In Super Traders you can expect details on Advance Trading Mechanics, new ships in the Boa MkIII (pictured here), Cobra MkIV, Keelback as well as stats on each of the ship launched fighters, The Federations F63 Condor, the Imperial GU-97 Fighter and the Core Dynamics Taipan. There is also the usual array of new equipment and backgrounds such as the Disgraced Banker, Labour Slave and Pit Fighter.
The final supplement, Exploration, is fast approaching completion. There is plenty in there to keep even the hardiest of explorers on their toes. New Alien Creatures such as the Spit Viper and Kavoraptor as well the nightmarish Relic AI. There are also stats for the Thargoid Invader as well as other equally impressive alien tech.  Not one for the light hearted!
Delivery Dates for all backers.
We have taken delivery of the T-Shirts (as you can see, straight out of the packaging), Automatic Pencils, Pencil Cases and the USB Keys are on their way. Once the supplements are completed we will be sending them for printing as we will the GM’s screen.
We are hoping to have the supplements and the GM’s screen with the printers by the end of this month, and with a fair wind, would expect them back in our distributors warehouse a month later. This would currently set the expected distribution date as the end of April. If this changes then we will be sure to let you know by posting updates here on our blog.
That’s all folks.
A short update this week but with lots more to report on our ongoing ambassador program, upcoming dates for conventions as well as a soon to be announced regular live stream with Frontier Developments playing EDRPG, there will be plenty to look out for in the coming weeks and months.
Enjoy the supplement and remember, never fly without a rebuy
Fly safe commanders
Jon & Oliver
Spidermind Games