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We are done, its now off to the printers…


The writers have hung up their pens (if you can actually do such a thing) and our designer is reaching for his well earned G&T. We are done.
We have just sent over to our printers the last piece of design that we had to complete for the EPRPG Kickstarter.
And what a journey it has been. First there was the Core Book and those lovely dice, then came the USB Key, Automatic Pencil, T-shirt and Pencil Case rewards, followed by the eagerly awaited supplements and finally we have just completed the designs on the collectors box and the GM’s screen. This means that all the items that we owe our amazing and very patient backers have been produced and all we await is the final copy to roll off the print machines.

GM’s Screen
One of the easiest pieces of the Kickstarter to complete?
Well you would be forgiven for thinking that but we have sweated over this very necessary piece of EDRPG equipment. Not what tables were included….but what cover!
Well, just between us, we liked the top one the best but this was an amazing shot from an Elite Dangerous video and so the screen shot had too low a resolution for it to look good in print. We were left with the choice between the loneliness of space theme in the middle and the grandeur of the Coriolis Station in the design at the bottom.
In the end we opted for the majesty of the iconic Coriolis. If you are one of our players who would have preferred the middle image for the GM’s screen then persuade everyone you know to buy a copy of the game and we might be able to begin production on the second edition.
Slip Sleeve?
Having promised a collectors case for your favourite RPG and its four supplements, we came across a design problem which sent our boffins racing for their high frequency spectrometers (whatever they are).
Having produced a gorgeous full colour hardback core book, we then realised that the softcover supplements would be 6mm shorter. Sticking with the slip sleeve design would result in the soft covers sliding out too easily and the whole set looking… well just a bit odd.
The solution was to move to a box design…

This is some quite lovely concept art for what the final design will look like. The company that are producing these will begin printing this Monday coming (21st May)
The estimated delivery dates for these boxes, the GM’s screen and the supplements is the middle of June. Once these have been received by the warehouse distribution will begin.
Please do head over to and login to ‘my edrpg’ to check your postal address is correct. Amendments can be made through your account. Once logged in you select ‘addresses’ on the left hand menu and make changes there.
Whats next…
Well they say that there is no rest for the wicked and for us this is especially true. Keep an eye on this blog for news of an exciting new Elite Dangerous product for anyone who loves non-video Elite Dangerous gaming but can’t get the gang around for a session of EDRPG.
That’s all for now and thanks again,
Jon & Oliver
Spidermind Games