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Elite: Dangerous Battle Cards

Hello and welcome to the launch of Elite: Dangerous Battle Cards.  We couldn’t be more excited today as we officially launch our second project in the exciting Elite: Dangerous universe. As ever, with these things, the game has been in pre-development for almost a year.  We’d like to thank our playtesters, ambassadors, designers and community members for so patiently keeping this under their hats for what must have seemed an eternity.

So … what is Elite: Dangerous Battle Cards?


In essence it is an expandable card game that allows you to battle entire fleets of ships in the Elite: Dangerous universe.  Play is divided up into three zones, each of which has a special mission which alters the flow of battle and your victory conditions.

Because Elite: Dangerous is about more than just fighting, there are also ample opportunities to use industrial ships, such as traders, explorers and miners, in order to influence the battle.  You will be making deliveries to shipyards, discovering distant worlds and drilling into asteroid belts whilst under fire.  Players who can gain an industrial advantage over their foes will find that they can slowly grind their enemy down, improve their combat abilities, and be able to afford larger and more impressive warships to deliver the final blow.

At its heart, Battle Cards is a deck building game.  You will want to build a deck that can adapt to any circumstances the game can throw at you, whether it is a tense escort mission, or an all-out Thargoid invasion. It won’t just be spacecraft you’ll want to stock, Action cards will help give even cheap spacecraft an edge against their foe, allowing you to dodge enemy attacks, power up your ships, or get the drop on your opponent with a sudden speed boost.

Being able to modify your spaceships is a crucial part of the game.  You can include Outfitting cards in your deck that can boost the strength of your ships, provide them with more powerful weapons, speed them up, allow them to attack in other zones, or even allow you to change your ship’s role in the game.  Didn’t bring enough mining ships?  Attach a Refinery to your Cobra Mk III and get drilling!

Elite: Dangerous Battle Cards is lusciously designed and the cards look fantastic.  Our sets are being printed by those card masters at Cartamundi, the same company that manufactures Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering.  Each card has a beautiful image of the ship, scene or piece of equipment featured.  Since the cards are non-random, you’ll be able to choose exactly what cards you need for your decks without having to wait for frustrating ‘ultra-rare’ cards.

There’s lots to go through, and we’ll try to explore every facet of the game we can over the next few weeks.  Expect to see lots of card previews, live streams, and descriptions of the mechanics over the next few days.

Until then, there is a limited time offer on the Season box as we begin our pre-order of the game.  Order now and you’ll get a £10 discount.


For a first look at the game in play, catch the Frontier Livestream, Thursday 24th May, at 7pm BST!


Enjoy the game!

Jon & Oliver

Spidermind Games