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Fulfilment Begins

Thank you to everyone for your patience whilst we printed off the final bits, but with the Box and all the books finally at our distribution centre we can begin fulfilment.
As we announced in a previous post, we took the decision to manufacture a box for the box set and not a slip sleeve in the end. This was due to the difference in height that would come about by doing the supplements as softcover and not hardback. Despite the change we hope you will like the sturdiness and feel of the box as we have gone to town on the quality.
Although we have actually already begun fulfilling some orders, there has been an error in around 40 of them leading to people getting their box sets without the box! As well as being hugely apologetic to those who receive the bundle of books in the post without the boxes, we have rectified the issue and this should see box sets being distributed as god intended. For those who are without their box, this will be on its way under separate cover, again, huge apologies for this.
Distribution timings
For the majority of backers we now have what we need to post your package out to you but we are still awaiting the character sheets and the GMs screen which should be with us imminently. For anyone who has ordered a GM screen and character pads you will have to wait a little longer.
That being said we will begin the process of posting out the bundles to you, but please bear with us as this process will take a few weeks at least. You will all receive an email from Games Quest (our distributors) saying that your package is on its way but unfortunately we are not able to help you with an exact time as to when your package will arrive or whether GamesQuest have sent you an email, as we do not have access to their internal postage systems. What we will be doing is ensuring that GamesQuest receive timely response to address and other order specific queries to ensure that all the bundles are posted off in time.
We currently have the second week of July booked with GamesQuest for when all the items will have been posted, assuming we get the GM screen and pads when we are expecting them. At the moment it is safe to assume that you will receive your email between now and the end of the second week in July, if this changes we will be sure to let you know.

Thank you again, to everyone who made this project a possibility and for continuing to be patient as the deadline for delivery slipped from Jan to June/July. Despite the bumps in the road and the delays that they have led to we are really proud of the product that this RPG has become, most especially in the production level that our printers and designers have been able to reach. I regret the delay but not the final quality that the team was able to produce. We hope you will be equally proud and satisfied that you chose to back us and helped make an incredible quality set of books.
We will keep an eye on the distribution and will update here if there are any changes to the timings set out above.
Fly safe commanders
Jon & Oliver
Spidermind Games