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ED Battle Cards on Kickstarter

ED Battle Cards is on Kickstarter

Following on from some positive feedback from attendees at UKGE and the Elite Dangerous Convention, LaveCon as well as strong recommendations from our distributors, we have brought the pre-order of ED Battle Cards to Kickstarter.

Fully funded in less than 48 hours

With the Kickstarter target of £17,000 having been met we will look to put in our first order with our manufacturers at the end of this campaign. Now we move onto looking to broaden the appeal of the game the the whole of the board and card gaming community. Having received feedback on our Kickstarter page we are currently in process of making a bunch of improvements which we hope will achieve this.

These include:

  • widening the game play explanations to encompass other items than just the videos we have
  • increasing the number of stretch goals and shortening their gaps
  • looking to add an extra dimension to the game by incorporating it within Tabletop Simulator

We are constantly looking to improve the over all backer experience and are honestly grateful to those who have taken the time to make suggestions – many of which we are looking into.



As well as launching a Battle Basics graphic on the KS page we have also begun to populate the FAQs section of the site to include answers to some of the most popular game play and set construction topics – if there are any missing issues that you think could do with being there then please do let us know by making your comments here or on the KS page.

More news…

As soon as we can we will announce the alterations to the stretch goals as well as keeping you posted on any of the other upgrades we are currently working on. in the meantime please do keep spreading the word on all the social channels and at your local gaming stores and clubs

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Thanks for the continued support

Jon & Oliver

Spidermind Games