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September 2018 – fulfilment update

As I am sure many of you are aware, EDRPG has been hit by another take down notice from the same individuals that attacked the live campaign back in Feb 2017 and who attacked our Battle Cards campaign. Whilst this hasn’t had any direct effect on the fulfilment of the pledges, it has stopped us from using the Kickstarter page as a suitable platform to post notifications and updates. As a result we are posting this latest blog entry here on the website as well as on our social media channels in the hope of reaching as many backers as we can.
After assuring everyone that the distribution would take place in mid August we ran into some problems when we were notified of data having been corrupted when sent across and uploaded to our distributors computer based fulfilment software. Although it only concerned T-Shirt orders the entire fulfilment was put on hold and we missed our scheduled few days for all the items to be shipped.
We are very sorry that this happened but we worked quickly to get the new data uploaded and we are now all sorted. Fulfilment has begun again and is being fitted around other work that Games Quest have in order to get the items to you as quickly as possible. Already we have had notices posted on Facebook and twitter showing off their new arrivals so we know things are moving. We are not able to check specific orders as they are fluid and changing all the time and we do not have access to Games Quests internal system. What we are doing is communicating with them, answering questions and working through the orders as quickly as we can.

Chessex Dice
Through the distribution we have noticed that the stock of Chessex dice is short of our current order level and so we have ordered more from the factory in Germany. In the meantime we have asked Games Quest to send orders out without the dice and we will pay for the second postage in a few weeks time. This will mean that some people will receive part of their order without the dice but these are on their way, so please do not worry.
Legal Issues
Despite the Kickstarter page having done the majority of its work we were still puzzled and annoyed that the same troll who attacked our campaign back in 2017 was allowed to do the same thing again. Having first attacked our EDRPG campaign back in 2017, these claimants were required to provide proof that they were the legitimate owners of the Elite Dangerous franchise, and not its creators Frontier Developments (from whom we have a license), but nothing was ever received.
Despite this, in July of this year they attacked our live Elite Dangerous Battle Cards campaign and that was also taken down. Not surprisingly, 34 days later and we have still received nothing from this person concerning the rights he believes he owns. Instead he asked Kickstarter to take down the old Kickstarter page for EDRPG again, which they obligingly did.
As a license holder with Frontier we are indemnified against this type of action and so we are now engaging lawyers, with Frontiers assistance to take action against this copyright troll. Whilst it is not effecting our work on EDRPG, we will keep you posted as and when news arrives.
Thank you all for your patience and we look forward to reading more posts showing off your new arrivals.
Best wishes
Jon & Oliver
Spidermind Games