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Fulfilment update and other news

Fulfilment Continues
Despite missing our delivery window with GamesQuest due to an issue with the data, we have managed to upload all the orders to the GamesQuest delivery software and they are working through the orders as we speak. It is fabulous to see many happy backers posting their packages up online, and thank you to everyone who has been in touch to let us know you have received your parcels safely.

For those still awaiting your shipment, we can assure you that they are on their way.
Duplicate Copies
During the transfer of data onto our new website, some of that data was lost or became corrupted. We lost information regarding who had already received the core book and those who had not. This will mean that for some backers they will receive 2 copies of the Core Book rather than just the one. Do please get in touch if this has happened to you as we can arrange for you to receive a return postage paid label. Huge apologies for this but because there had been a number of delays on this project already, we chose to send the packages out risking this duplication, rather than delay further and send you folks nothing.
If your package has arrived than please keep posting up the pictures and if it hasn’t yet then please be assured that it is on its way. Here at Spidermind Games we are unable to check on the status of particular orders as they are being updated regularly, if however, you receive damaged goods or an incomplete order then please do get in touch with the wonderful customer services team at GamesQuest on
Chessex Dice
Saying that, if your order is short of Chessex Dice then please hold fire on getting in touch as we know about this and will be happy to send you your dice, under separate cover, when we get more stock. The German factory that manufactures these amazing dice is a family business and the boss and driving force behind the brand died recently rather suddenly and as a result we have been warned of delays in getting us any further orders.
Our thoughts here at Spidermind Games go with the family at this time and for our backers, please be assured that we are currently working on getting our stock replenished as quickly as we can.
EDRPG & ED Battle Cards 

Many of our Kickstarter backers will remember that during the live Kickstarter Campaign for EDRPG back in Feb 2017, we were hit by a copyright claim from some chap who claimed he had the original rights to Elite Dangerous and that Frontier Developments didn’t.
Having made the claim, this person was then required to provide details of the claim, proof of ownership of the copyrighted material and show us where we had infringed this copyright. Nothing was received and after a month of waiting we were reinstated and the campaign went through to finish over 200% funded.
Reassured by the fact that if this chap really felt that he had a claim, surely he would have eagerly provided the proof when he was given the chance. Realising that this was nothing more than us having been trolled we dropped any potential action against him and got back to making an RPG for this amazing computer game. What we didn’t expect is that he would try the exact same trick on the next Elite Dangerous project.
Fast forward to three days before the end of our latest Elite Dangerous Kickstarter Campaign, ED Battle Cards (25th July 2018) and we receive another take down notice from Kickstarter, from this same guy, but this time via some lawyers he had instructed. As many of you have also backed Battle Cards, here is an update on where we are with that project.
For ED Battle Cards, despite this chap bringing on lawyers, we have received nothing at all from him or his lawyers, not a sausage. No proof of ownership and no details as to what in the Battle Cards he believes infringes his copyright. We have so far been waiting 6 weeks for this information as have Kickstarter. As they state in their initial take down notice Kickstarter will give the claimant 10-14 business days to produce the proof. We are currently on day 48 of which 34 have been business days and still we have nothing.
In our latest email to Kickstarter we pointed this out and asked to be reinstated. They responded on 7th Sept with –
‘Thank you for following-up. We are confirming receipt of your message and are reviewing your response.  Unfortunately we don’t have an update to share at this time, but will follow-up.’
As soon as we know more on this we will update you on the progress
That’s all for this update, as soon as more news arrives we will be sure to update you all.
Flay Safe, Commanders
Jon & Oliver
Spidermind Games