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Are we almost back up and running?

Just a quick update that went to all the EDRPG and ED Battle Cards backers.

Hi Folks,

Just a quick update to let you know what we (Spidermind and our lawyers) have been up to whilst we wait for nothing to happen.

Our lawyers, who are being supplied by Frontier Developments, wrote to Kickstarter last week asking for us to be put back up. In a nutshell they said that as no substantiated claim has been made against us, the DMCA legislation isn’t triggered and so we are suspended for no good reason. We even suggested that they write to this troll and give him another 10 working days to respond, tell him that if he didn’t, we would be put back up again. Anyway, what’s another few days seeing as we have already been down for 3 months!

Not wanting to count any chickens or anything but seeing as there is no wriggle room in what our lawyers suggest and seeing as we don’t expect anything from the copyright troll, we are optimistic that we should be back up and running in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed! KS have signalled receipt of the correspondence and will get back to us with their response in ….. yup…. 10 working days so we are all peachy there.

Talking of Trolls…..we haven’t been idol whilst waiting for KS to reinstate us, instead we have been working on our next game. #Snowflake – A multi-player, deliciously inappropriate card game about, erm, trolls – and no Chris Jordan or Ian Bell Elite Rights LLP were not the inspiration to this game before he tries a DMCA take down on this as well.

If you are missing all that amazing, give your money away, Kickstarter action then look no further – #Snowflake – A Game of Social Media Cruelty – Live on Kickstarter


Thanks again,

Jon & Oliver