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New Fulfilment Company – Us!

A quick update to all those backers and new customers who are waiting for their items. After getting squared away with our fulfilment company they have told us that they will now, no longer be able to fulfil items until February of next year due to their busy schedule. 

Good news for them but not acceptable for us so we have asked for all our stock to be boxed up and we will be collecting it this Thursday coming. We have a new venue for the items which will be our own premises and we have hired (cajoled and press ganged) in staff to get the postage done. 

As soon as we collect the stock we will update the blog with photos of the stock and get posting straight away. No, we cannot promise you will get all your items by Christmas if you are in Europe or the US but we can provide you with a guarantee that they will have been sent as soon as we can collect our stock.

More updates to follow….

Jon & Oliver