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Hurry up and wait

Seasons Greetings Commanders,

It has been a while since the last update but a recent email, received by us yesterday, has led to this post – which is not all bad news.

Having not heard anything from Kickstarter for several weeks we opted to chase for an update, well sort of…. What we actually wrote was a request to be put back up again.

We simply argued that since our first take down, for the game EDRPG in Feb 2017, then Battle Cards in July of this year, the claimant has made no move towards doing anything with the accusations he has made. No action has been taken against us, no correspondence has been answered, nothing….

To us this is not the legitimate behaviour of someone who believes they hold copyright which we have allegedly infringed. To this day we do not know what in either game infringes this alleged copyright nor do we have any idea what they want us to do about it.

To us, enough is enough, Kickstarter have given this person long enough to do something about it (clock currently standing at 4 months and 25 days), and so we need to be allowed to continue in business. That’s what we put in our email.

Kickstarter responded by apologising for the delay and stating that our case currently ‘remains in active legal review. This means that your project may still be restored to public view and allowed to move forward.’

There was no explanation of what a legal review is, but we hope that it is KS asking their own lawyers for an opinion on what to do next. The good news is that we have not been thrown on the KS garbage heap and that KS have not allowed a copyright troll to win, not yet anyway. Let us hope that in January, Kickstarter are given the green light to re-instate us having given the claimant more than enough time to progress his claim. What a great holiday present that would be!

If we were put back up, according to the email ‘Should the legal review conclude in your favor, and your project become eligible to move forward, we will provide you advance notice. In addition, your project’s clock would resume with the time that was remaining at the moment of your original project hide’. So we would have prior notice to the the final three days of the campaign. If that happens, standby for a brand new set of stretch goals with many added features.

Thank you for your continued support and patience, and whilst we are waiting we wanted to take this opportunity to also wish you and all of yours a very happy holidays and a prosperous new year.

Jon & Oliver

Spidermind Games