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Fulfilment, Dice and New Supplements

After a few very productive days at GamesQuests HQ, the vast majority of Kickstarter items have been fulfilled and we are equally delighted with the responses we have been getting from the recipients…

We have been made aware of a few bumps and scrapes which we are sorting out, as well as one backer from the US where it looked like the courier had played football with it, but on the whole the vast majority of the remaining 190 packages have been sent and safely received.


We did notify everyone awaiting dice that these will come out separately as there is a longer waiting time for these, but it does seem, by the few enquiries we have had, that some spam filters have been working overtime and interdicting our emails.

Apologies for the delay in getting these to you but the good news is that Chessex sent confirmation to us that they have been shipped and will be with us shortly. Please do check your spam folders for emails from us regarding this and don’t forget to add us to your approved emailer list


With the Core Book having gone into its second printing and the box set selling like the proverbial hotcakes, we are starting to look at what new supplements we can add to the EDRPG stable.

For those familiar with the Kickstarter Campaign and the many stretch goals we had on offer, we are not short of titles that we can put out there to enhance your playing experience… but what to do next?

A simple poll then, which we will also put out on Twitter @E_DRPG and on our Facebook page @EliteDangerousRPG to ask your view on what the next supplement should be.

A new campaign supplement or a dedicated spaceship guide?

Do post a comment below or head over to one of the social pages to take part in the poll, oh and talking of polls…


Recently EDRPG was involved in another poll, this time run by the folks over at The Wee Gamers and The Bunker Club

I know that we came second out of two in this poll and that there were only 51 votes but, as the comments below the poll point out, we were up against one of RPG’s giants. Here at Spidermind, we were thinking we would be lucky to get more than a few percent, so to get 29% against one of the greats is something to be quietly proud of we think.

Do consider giving the We Gamers page like or even a follow as their polls are great place to compare all the RPG’s out there.


I know many of you have also backed the long awaited ED Battle Cards and have been equally exasperated by the reluctance of Kickstarter to reinstate our campaign, despite the obvious lack of credibility the copyright claim possessed.

Well things are finally moving with lawyers representing Kickstarter reaching out to us and our legal team to have a chat about the situation. Striking a very conciliatory note, it seems Kickstarter wants to no only deal with our case but even, perhaps, to put in place protection to stop this type of trolling happening to others.

We are pleased that there is now light at the end of a nearly 6 month long tunnel and that the project still has a hope of finally being realised. As soon as we know something we will let you folks know as well.

That’s all for this update and thanks again for all your support,

Jon & Oliver

Spidermind Games