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A message to all our Kickstarter Backers and ED Battle Cards fans

Hi Folks,

Firstly, can I thank you all for your continuing support of Battlecards.  Before bringing the game to public attention, it was in creation and testing for eighteen months, and we were so pleased to show off the game to everyone back in June 2018.

Many of you I will have met, either at the convention blitz we went on to celebrate the opening of the Kickstarter, or at our perpetually favourite meeting place for all Elite Dangerous fans – Lave Con.  Seeing the joy this game provoked in our players made me very excited for the final release.  In fact, Battlecards was almost fully designed well before the Kickstarter, and all we needed were funds for the final printing of the cards, boxes and materials.

We chose Kickstarter a many of you will remember as we wanted to show off the game to the wider card gaming community. Unfortunately we have, with great reluctance, decided to cancel our Kickstarter as we are unable to prevent the constant trolling on the site, each attack of which leaves us unable to proceed with the campaign. Very kindly, Frontier have offered to fund the development of the game personally, provided we can prove that there is still a demand for this game.  We would like to thank Frontier for their kind offer, which we have accepted.

That’s where you guys come in as we need your help to make this game possible.  We’re so sorry to mess you around, having already pledged to making this game once (or, for some of you, twice!), but can we ask you to put in a pre-order for the game on this website?  We’re keeping the discounted Kickstarter rate for people who pledge early.  Once the game is shipped, we’ll be back to our retail price of £60/€70/$80.

Assuming a good response, we’ll let you guys know as soon as production begins in earnest.

This exhausting tale is finally coming to an end.  But it’s going to end in Battlecards.  This year.  And I, for one, can’t wait.

Thank you,