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Battlecard of the Day – Anaconda Class 4


Hello all,

Jon is on his holidays, so I’ve taken the opportunity to steal his login and do some posting.  I’m Oliver Hulme, designer of Battlecards, and I’ll be taking over the social media with a shaky hand on the tiller.  With our latest project, Legendary Kingdoms, now off at the printers, we have gone full gear into producing Elite: Dangerous Battlecards.  Many thanks to the hordes of you who have provided us with images of your beloved spacecraft.  Over the next couple of months you shall see us show off new cards, bits of design and art as we get closer and closer to the Battlecards print.  Please feel free to claim credit in the comments for your marvelous work when you see it.

I thought I would start by doing a daily-ish post called Battlecard of the Day, where I show off some of our the cards I particularly like in my decks.  Bear in mind that my early posts will be using older versions of the cards until the new designs are ironed out.  Specifically, ignore the card numbers in the bottom corner.  We’ve made some changes as to which cards are numbered, and have decided to only number non-mission cards, so this number will be different in the final versions.  We’re also going to brighten up the Karma dots around the build-point number so they are a more vibrant purple.  (Fascinating stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree.)

So, without further ado, let’s look at our first card.  And it’s a right old bruiser!

Anaconda Class 4:  A ponderous thug that keeps other ponderous thugs away.  It’s horrid to other Warships, with a Fixed 4, Burst 4 attack against them, and has lots of health.  Best of all it won’t drain a single point of Karma from you, allowing you to keep those tasty Karma points for your more vulnerable ships whilst this brute locks down the zone.