Things you can do in Legendary Kingdoms – Help Each Other

In Legendary Kingdoms you have an entire party of talent to call on.  Most of the time, when attempting skill checks you can work together, combining your skill dice together to beat the challenge.  Whether it’s translating a strange calendar written in a foreign language, or attempting to shift a boulder in your path, more than one party member is able to help at a time. 

This means that it is useful to have as broad a talent in your party as possible.  Don’t just have one Stealth specialist – get two people good at it so they can sneak off together.  Two experts in survival are better than one, with perhaps one person setting up camp whilst the other forages for food.

Battle, of course, is the ultimate test of cooperation, and strong party members should be willing to take hits for weaker ones.  Everyone should contribute something to your goals, but they don’t have to do it alone.  Together, you are stronger.

Tasha and Sar Jessica work together to bring down the fearsome Malronac the Deathengine