Things you can do in Legendary Kingdoms – Fight Tactically

Fight Tactically

You’re not just rolling dice when you fight in Legendary Kingdoms.  To win, you must decide carefully how to split your attacks amongst opponents, and who in your party should take the hits in return.

Is it better, for example, to risk attacking the most powerful opponent, hoping to take him down and prevent his counterattack?  Or should you attack an opponent you know you can kill, to whittle down their numbers.

When being attacked, does your injured, but heavily armoured knight take the blow?  She might be able to shrug off the entire attack, but if she fails her armour save it could be her last battle!  Or do you inflict a huge amount of damage on one of your healthy characters, putting them at risk of accidental death later?

Chuck in the complications of spell use, and enemies with disruptive abilities, and combat can become a tricky puzzle for the unwary party.