Things you can do in Legendary Kingdoms – Teleport Places

Teleport Places

Of course, sailing in ships is for chumps.  Teleportation through powerful magic is where the real action is at.  You’ll probably not find this in book one, but in other books you can learn powerful magic that transports your entire team in the blink of an eye, avoiding all the danger and time it takes to cross the huge world of Legendary Kingdoms.

There are two basic methods of teleportation.  Teleport Circles are the easiest way, where a party jumps from a teleport circle in one place to a teleport circle in another.  These jumps can be local, in the same book, or transport you hundreds of miles.  Not all teleport circles connect to each other, so it may take a few castings to jump from one end of the world to another.

Get really powerful, and you can cast a raw Teleportation spell, and literally go anywhere in any book in the series.  Careful though – that’s an expensive spell!