Things you can do in Legendary Kingdoms – Create your own Characters

The pre-made characters in Legendary Kingdoms are tied into the plot of the books in quite intimate ways, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own characters.  If you are sick of Lord Ti’Quon’s incorrigible thirst for power or Amelia Pass-Dayne whining about her neglectful father, you can always just make your own party members.

Although self-made party members don’t have special sub-plots or romances, they make up for it by being exactly the sort of person you want.  You can still complete the main quests in Legendary Kingdoms with any kind or combination of characters.  Even better, you can tailor the skills and abilities of your own party members so you end up with a perfectly balanced party.  Or perhaps even an unbalanced one.

Of course, you can also mix and match.  Have your self-designed barbarian striding alongside Brash, or give Lord Ti’Quon his own apprentice.  It’s your adventure, after all, so play it how you wish!