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Character Profiles – Sar Jessica Dayne

A knight of Royce, Sar Jessica is the strongest fighter in the team.  She is noble-born, which can be an advantage in the more feudal realms of Legendary Kingdoms such as Longport Bay or Pendrilor.  Her father is the powerful Baron Baldwin Dayne, who has been cruel to both Jessica and her half-sister, Amelia.

Fighting isn’t all Jessica can do.  She is well read and intelligent – the privilege of a noble upbringing – so she works well with characters like Lord Ti’Quon when it comes to uncovering mystic lore.  She also has exceptional manners and grace, an earnest charm which can be either delightful, or sharp and intimidating.  Used to getting her own way, Sar Jessica is a force of personality to be reckoned with.

She’s not all-powerful, though.  Except for the occasional bit of camping on the campaign trail she has poor wilderness skills and doesn’t know her herb lore.  And when it comes to stealth, you might consider picking someone else.  Sar Jessica makes a statement when she enters a room, and everybody notices her.  She’s also unwilling to compromise her dignity, even for the sake of the team.  In short, Sar Jessica is a powerful character to pick, a strong fighter in uncivilised lands, and a political powerhouse in civilised ones.  But she is not for the subtle.

Sar Jessica Dayne