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Character Profiles – Lord Ti’Quon

A brilliant spellcaster, Lord Ti’Quon fits the classic sorcerer model.  He is fiercely intelligent and well-learned, trained in obscure lore, ancient religions and various arcana.  Like Sar Jessica Dayne, he is noble born, a lord from the mysterious land of Drakehallow.  This grants him automatic access to many of the most civilised courts of the land.

His greatest strength is his sorcery, for magic can turn the tide of battles both big and small, and make impossible challenges easy to overcome.  As a classically trained wizard he gets on well with other spellcasters, the mutual language of magic overcoming differences in politics or beliefs.

For all his power, Lord Ti’Quon is otherwise unimpressive.  His fighting skills are poor, his arrogance off-putting, and his outdoor abilities almost non-existent.  Ti’Quon must rely heavily on his allies for survival.  Indeed, Ti’Quon is probably the hardest character to run in Book One: The Valley of Bones.  The uncultured land is unforgiving to the inexperienced and has relatively few tricky lore puzzles to resolve.  However, if you can keep him alive through many books, you may find that Lord Ti’Quon becomes the most powerful character in the game…

Lord Ti’Quon