Character Profiles – Tasha

A pirate and a thief, Tasha is physical, rugged and capable.  She comes from the Splintered Isles, an archipelago of spice and sea, and was born in a salt-stained tavern in the docks of Thatis.  As stealthy as a creeping mouse when she wants to be, and as fierce as a cornered weasel in fight, Tasha is a highly skilled all-rounder. 

Although unequalled at sneaking and robbing, Tasha gives you the benefits of her cunning tongue, her nautical skills and her raw ability to just survive when her back is against the wall.  Although she may appear rough, she has a certain kindness towards the meek and helpless, preferring to rob the cruel and powerful.  She has very few moral scruples otherwise, and you are unlikely to find Tasha objecting to stabbing a man in the back, lying to an official or seducing a barmaid for information.

Perhaps her only weakness is a lack of formal education.  Although Tasha has a good and grounded moral sense she reads poorly and holds arcana and magic in disdain.  This doesn’t bother her in the least.  The weak have to be good at something, after all!  She would rather deal with problems with wit, physicality and skill.

Tasha of the Splintered Isles