Character Profiles – Amelia Pass-Dayne

Amelia is somewhat interesting.  She is a spellcaster, like Lord Ti’Quon, but unlike the noble sorcerer she has learned her skill entirely through the study of nature in the wild Savage Lands.  This was not entirely through choice.  She is the illegitimate daughter of Baron Baldwin Dayne, half-sister to Jessica Dayne, and has never received a kind word from her father.  His neglect eventually drove her from her home.

It is impossible to live in the Savage Lands and not learn how to survive.  Amelia is skilled outdoors, knowledgeable in herb lore and weather.  Unlike a more formal sorcerer she also fights well, and indeed has had to fight for her life on a number of occasions.

Amelia is a good fit for any party seeking a sorcerer in the Valley of Bones.  Able to weather sandstorms and fight off barbarians, she is a more practical kind of wizard for this harsh land.  Having been so isolated as a child she has picked up few social niceties, and her understanding of the mechanics of magic is woefully poor for a spellcaster.  But these are scant disadvantages in a land of savagery and danger.  Amelia is the sort of sorcerer you can take in your party without you worrying about protecting her – she’s quite capable of doing that herself!

Amelia Pass-Dayne