Character Profiles – Akihiro of Chalice

Akihiro is a conflicted young man from the Valley of Bones, cast out from his family for failing to become a Kensai sword saint.  Having lived the life of a loner, he is superb at surviving in the wilderness, and you could not ask for a better guide in hostile terrains.   But in his heart he longs for acceptance and forgiveness, and to return to Chalice in triumph.

His combat skills are also very impressive, and he is an agile and strong fighter, more than a match for many of the beasts in his homeland.  He is stealthy too, his natural dexterity allowing him to sneak up on his dinner in the wild – or hunt men who would use their strength against the weak.

Akihiro comes from a complex religious society that few outsiders really understand.  Chalice is considered the last bastion of true civilisation in the Valley, but it is a strict and formal community who value face and honour above water and shelter.  Simple failure at one’s allotted task can have one effectively banished from the city – a fate considered worse than death.  Akihiro’s family were Kensai for centuries, but the last two generations have not produced a single sword saint, and Akihiro joined this shameful new tradition by failing his own trials.  Now chance has brought him back to Valley, and he must decide whether this is a sign for him to swallow his pride and try again, or forever walk the path of a loner.

Akihiro of Chalice