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Battlecard of the Day – Beast of War

Beast of War:  This card has all the toughness and horrid firepower you’d expect for a Python.  It’s also an extremely unattractive ship to attack, since it can do a nasty Counterattack if you have a few Karma points to spare.  Its multi-attack option is rather specific, but very good for clearing the skies of any fighter hordes your opponent may throw at you.


A quick note:  You might notice that there are some changes to this batch of the Battlecards.  There has been a slight change in colours and where we have emphasised the bold lettering.  Most significantly, you will see that the set numbering has changed from 240 to 225.  This is only because we no longer count main Mission and Mission Specific cards as being part of the numbered set.  There are 20 of these cards in each box set.  However, so we could include some of the new ships that have joined the arsenal of Elite Dangerous, I’ve added another five cards to the set making the new total 225.  There are, in fact, 245 cards total in the set.

Also, thanks to the Beasts of War, who helped out Spidermind Games when we were just spiderlings.  This one is for you.