Character Profiles – Brash

Born a poor pot washer from Pendrilor, Brash is a silver-tongued rogue who gets by in life through deception and pure charm.  He is intelligent and educated, like most men of Pendrilor.  He is a marvellous sneak, and an expert at getting himself out of trouble.  Brash can use a sword, but he’s not a great fighter, preferring to con his way out of difficulties.

Brash has a scandalous history with the nobility of Royce, and the further he is away from Pendrilor the safer he is.  The Valley of Bones is nice and remote, and provided he doesn’t get himself eaten by a sand lizard he should be safe from the sheriffs and officers of the law who are on the lookout for him. 

Brash is good at plugging holes in the skill gaps of your party.  Charisma can be very powerful in Legendary Kingdoms, especially in the political arena, but even just for soothing angry or gullible folk.  He’s a great match for Tasha, and having both of these characters in your party will mean than no vault in the world is safe.