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Legendary Kingdoms Zoom In – The Saltdad Arena

Slaves and criminals march to their doom in the Saltdad Arena

The Valley of Bones is a place of cruelty and wild barbarism. Its cities are mere shells of the cultured places they once were, ruled by petty despots and tyrants that think nothing of killing, torturing or imprisoning those who might threaten them. Small wonder, surrounded by such relentless savagery, that the Saltdad Arena does such good business.

Constructed in the elder age, some have speculated that the arena was once dedicated to less bloodthirsty sports. What kind of peaceful event that could have drawn in such large crowds is beyond the imagination of current citizenry, and they bay for the blood of the slaves and criminals which are made to march from the rusted arena gates.

The arena is massive, holding tens of thousands on its crumbling stone benches. Beneath the arena, huge halls hold the thousands of prisoners together like animals, and many die in those massive arcades of illness, starvation and brutality. Only arena champions get their own cell, and enough to eat to sustain their stinking, blood-streaked bodies..

When the final call to battle comes, the prisoners have no idea what they will face. Often it is simply another band of poorly armed slaves, whom they must kill or be killed. Sometimes unsuspecting gladiators are fed to lions or sand lizards. And sometimes, the Iron King will release his personal bodyguard, Malronac the Deathengine, a dreadful golem from the elder age, to practice his heartless butchery on those unlucky enough to be selected for death.