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Legendary Kingdoms Zoom In – The Palace of Unbraaki

The Palace of Unbraaki is well guarded

On the western shore of the Valley of Bones, perched high atop a jagged clifftop, stands one of the most beautiful places in the country. A delicate water garden, filled with flowers and trees, tended to at all times of day by attentive slaves, frame a stone and wood palace of surpassing beauty. This is the Palace of Unbraaki, the most powerful sorcerer in the region.

Unbraaki is not a kind man, but he is an important one. His services cost a fortune, and are only at the beck of the desert kings of the valley. He has no time for peasants or the poor, and only raises himself from his books when the most powerful ask for his time. It is said he is an exile from Drakehallow, that his magical excesses were considered too much for even that dark and mysterious land. Now he meddles in the politics of barbarians, and rarely for the good of the people.

The other thing well known about Unbraaki is his outlandish wealth. His fabled vault is said to hold more money than the treasury of Cursus, and his reading rooms are the storehouse of some of the most powerful spells to be found in the Valley. But to reach such a vault means bypassing his private army, some of the best soldiers in the valley, as well as the numerous magical defences he has lain across his palace like a spider’s web. And then of course there is Unbraaki himself, who is unlikely to allow any thief to pass by unchallenged…