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Battlecard of the Day – Treasonous Gunship

Treasonous Gunship:  Wow!  A Strength 6 anti-warship card that costs only 4 Build Points?  That looks great!  Let me just read the small print … oh, no – my mistake, it’s rubbish isn’t it?  This disloyal card will join your opponent’s side for a round if they spend 5 Karma points on it.  Hang on, though … 5 Karma points is quite a lot, isn’t it?  That’s a lot of points to spend on a card that is only yours for single attack.  And if you have no warships on your side of the board the attack isn’t that bad.  And just think of all the Karma your opponent could have spent on dodging your attacks or bringing mean cards into play.  And, even better, it’s not like your opponent gets to keep the card – it’s still there after its bit of backstabbing, holding the zone for you because it’s Speed 10, so your opponent has to avoid shooting it in order to seize control of it later in the round.

So, here’s the thing.  Your opponent could take control of the gunship.  But will they actually do it?  Because if they don’t, you’ve just bought a Federal Gunship for 4 points.