Legendary Kingdoms

Book One: the Valley of Bones
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An epic six volume adventure gamebook series
set in a sandbox fantasy world

Prepare for adventure in this huge open-world gamebook series. Legendary Kingdoms is a gamebook campaign, where you lead a party of adventurers in a world that adapts to your actions. Venture into ancient ruins, pick a side and lead an army into battle, sail the high seas on your own warship, defeat tyrants or bring them to power. Along the way your party will increase in skill, wealth and renown, allowing them to take on more challenging adventures. Reach the heights of power and you may uncover a dreadful threat to the world itself and go on a mission that spans all six gamebooks in the series.


Dive into the adventure with the first 40 pagesfully playable in this free sample PDF.

A HUGE open world

You can explore the world of Legendary Kingdoms in any order you choose.Each book is dedicated to a particular geographic area, but you can travel between books at will by walking or sailing off the edge of the map.  Each book features dozens of quests and locations with an approximate 20+ hours of content in each.


The book ‘remembers’ the friends you make and enemies you defeat.  Slain kings will stay dead, and as you grow in fame people’s reactions to you will also change.

Depending on your choices, new avenues of adventure, or new trouble, could await you in locations you have previously explored.


From the lawless deserts of the Valley of Bones, to the feudal hierarchies of the Kingdom of Royce.  Embrace the wild freedoms of the buccaneering Splintered Isles, or face morbid darkness in the forges of Drakehallow.  Be the first to map the unexplored Savage Lands, or dethrone a corrupt king in the ludicrously wealthy Duchy of Pendrilor.  

Multi-book spanning quests allow you to further your ambitions in distant courts, and make friends in foreign nations that might help you when you visit their homeland.

Legendary Art

Book illuminations by legendary comic artist
Robin Smith of 2000AD.

The Valley of Bones Cover by
Game of Thrones concept artist
Claudio Pilia

NB: All the best reference books pictured here © their respective publishers.

Party based...

You are not alone, but can combine the skills of up to four different characters in your party.

Fast paced...

Tactical personal combat system.

Sail the world...

On your own ship.  Gather an armada and defeat powerful rulers with your own fleet of warships.  Or peacefully trade goods between rich ports.

Powerful magic...

Unlocks secrets galore! Discover the Shadow Door spell and find hidden paths in old dungeons. Bypass a foe’s defences by using Teleport Circle to appear inside their fortress, allowing you to rob them blind. Learn to Teleport to areas impossible to find without magic.


Concealed within the books are hints of a deadly and growing danger. When you hit the heights of power you might be able to unravel a conspiracy that threatens the very world itself.