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Free Download – EDRPG sample adventure ‘The Worst Intentions’


A limited rules standalone adventure in the Elite Dangerous Galaxy with spaceship combat map and tokens

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This document exists so you can try out the ruleset, get a feeling for how the game works and see if it’s the sort of game you’d like to invest in.  It contains a single adventure, The Worst Intentions, for you to play.  Included are four pre-generated characters including their ships and equipment.  Partial rules for personal combat, spaceship combat and ground combat are included.  What is not included are:

  • Character Creation rules
  • Adventure Creation rules
  • Spaceship modification rules
  • Equipment lists (except the equipment listed in the game)
  • The full combat rules (partial rules for this adventure are included)
  • Loads of other great stuff

The players begin as police detectives for the independent Asellus Primus system.  Each player has a Viper Spaceship, a police interdiction and combat ship used to enforce law in the sector.  Their ships also contain a special vehicle called a Surface Reconnaissance Vehicle (SRV) which is a little like a super advanced moon buggy.  The SRV is designed to be used on any planet, even those without atmosphere.  It is basically the player’s ‘police car’.

Good luck Commanders and enjoy!


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